Wynne and Tory will get along

Wynne and Tory.  Will put aside differences, work together, and move Ontario and Toronto forward
Rahman Mohamed

Kathleen Wynne and John Tory.  Once upon a time they were political opponents.  John Tory, a conservative, Kathleen Wynne a Liberal, both battling for Ontario.  But now they both have a post at the top and if they want the people to like them and a contract extension they’ll have to work together.  But can they?

It looks as if they will.  In her latest message to Ontario Kathleen Wynne said that in the last election she and the Liberal party had put aside ideology and was moving towards progress.  Rather than working from the “centre” the Liberal direction, the government will work from all directions to help Ontario improve in what it believes is most important, today the economy.

Mayor-elect John Tory says he’s going to do the same thing.

Courtesy of CBC, The Current, Retrieved 31 October 2014

Second place Doug Ford’s campaign was based on campaigning for the “little-guy” or the suburbs and low-income neighbourhoods.  John Tory was based on getting the city to work together, bringing all of council onto the same page and ending divisions.

According to CBC Tory’s already started.  Even though they were his opponents Tory has reached out Doug Ford, and Olivia Chow.  Not only that he said he hopes Karen Stintz and David Soknacki, candidates who dropped out of the race will continue contributing.

Councillor Michael Thompson says “There’s going to be a very focused, a very professional approach in terms of doing things in the city. I think the drama is going to be minimized.”

Wynne was saying she wanted to work with everyone.  She was making amendments to the budgets for the NDP.  If they hadn’t voted her down she would’ve been premier until 2015, scheduled election.

Tory says he’s planning to work with everyone, Rob Ford who was elected Councillor in his old ward of Etobicoke North.

Politicians getting along.  It seems as if it’s possible


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