Distraction Free 23 | Just Drive Canada

A return to the past for less than a day to raise awareness about driving safely
Rahman Mohamed

Distraction Free 23 | Just Drive Canada.  It’s gathered almost 3000 supporters to date (more than its target of 1000) who’ve agreed to accept the challenge to raise awareness about distraction free driving.

An initiative created by Allstate Insurance Agency, Distraction Free 23 (aka “DF23”) is a challenge to Canadians to not use any personal technology devices (not limited to cellphones, MP3s, and tablets) for 23 hours, from Friday May 23, 6pm local time until Saturday May 24, 5pm.  Not only that, those who’ve agreed to the challenge can’t access the internet unless they’re in a building – at home, a friend’s home, library, etc.

According to the CAA distracted driving is the most common distraction for drivers.  In 2009 America’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported 84% of distracted driving fatalities were related to carelessness or inattentiveness.  Alberta Transportation stated that distracted drivers are more likely to be in a crash than attentive drivers in 2011.  Not only that 4 million motor vehicle crashes are attributed to distracted driving and, according to the Government of Canada, brings Canada an economic loss of $10 billion annually.  The RCMP reported distracted that driving played a role in 104 fatalities in 2010.

In March CBC reported Ontario was taking action against distracted driving.  In an all-party bill a proposed legislation seeks to raise fines and impose demerit points on those who are found guilty of distracted driving.

Distraction Free 23 | Just Drive Canada says it’s still not too late to take the pledge.  Whether or not you drive they’re challenging all Canadians to go distraction free for 23 hours to raise awareness for distracted driving.


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