Google Spreading Love Around The World

Loves who are male(s), female(s), and/or both
Rahman Mohamed

Around the world people are spreading romance, giving gifts to their loves on this day (unless they happen to be lazy or just don’t believe in it).  And Google is no exception.

Today Google’s Doodle is an interactive chocolate making shop for your love.Google-Valentines-Doodle-Start.png

There it is two true loves, looking each other in the face, just waiting for that moment to come.  Then something from above clicks on the heart that’s between them.  Suddenly, one of them has entered a chocolate factory.

After 4 clicks an empty box is full of three delicious chocolates covered in multi-coloured sprinkles and the true love hands them over to the surprised love.Google Doodle 14 February 2014, 2


Google-Valentines-Doodle-End.pngNot only that, the loves are genderless!  Neither of them is wearing a skirt; both might be wearing a skirt beneath the share line; or only one might have a skirt beneath the share line while the other has sturdy pants.

It’s a growing fad; the equation of love (man+woman = happiness) is a thing of the past.

Yesterday, a day before Valentines Day, Facebook announced that they were offering more gender identity categories including “transgender,” “intersex” and “fluid” for users who sign up using English (US) with plans to soon expand.

CTV reported that Facebook software engineer Brielle Harrison (who is undergoing gender transformation from male to female) said “There’s going to be a lot of people for whom this is going to mean nothing, but for the few it does impact, it means the world”.  Facebook rival Google+ has the options “male”, “female”, and “other”.  The development has received mixed reactions worldwide, from CTV to “Facebook unveils new gender options for users” (2014) on Al-Jazeera.


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