Politicians Reaching Out to Canadians and Ontarians

Politicians, walking the walk, talking the talk (and Tweeting the Tweets)
Rahman Mohamed

October 2011: Ontario’s last provincial election; federal slightly earlier (May 2011).  So now Ontario is scheduled to hit the polls twice again in 2015 within 3 weeks (October 1 provincially, October 19 nationally), after recovering from election fever set to end with municipal votes on October 27, 2014.  But campaigning has already begun (2 Ontario by-elections; February 13, 2014); could it predict the future?

Today, on January 17, Thomas Mulcair delivered a motivating speech to his caucus broadcast live by CBC.  He didn’t just speak about Harper’s mistakes but spoke about the past Liberal and Conservative governments that were in power, saying Harper has “put more of his insiders into the Senate than Brian Mulroney” and Prime Minister Paul Martin of then a minority government approached Jack Layton when he wanted to give corporations a tax cut in a budget.  After talking about the NDP’s goals, values, and future outlook, he said that he was announcing the launch of a nation-wide program to Better the Lives of Canadians, taking a message from “students to seniors … that the NDP is on your side”

No statement made, but Trudeau and Wynne are quietly doing the same together in Niagara Falls, Ontario

While Niagara prepares for a by-election that may predict the future of a minority Liberal government

In #NiagaraFalls with @JoyceMorocco1 and @JustinTrudeau today. Joyce is ready to fight for health care and jobs pic.twitter.com/5ZEmzEqvjD

Mulcair might not have been at her side, but Andrea Horwath was getting coffee with constituents too

while Elizabeth May reaches out to women and men online

and Wynne Tweets along the same lines

Will the campaign early plan allow parties and leaders to fly?  It will be seen in due time.


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