Rob Ford: Entering the World of YouTube

Ford Nation going global
Rahman Mohamed

Rob Ford, after going from traditional radio to high hits on TV, has now decided to enter the online world through YouTube.

In early November it was announced that a call-in radio show, The City with Mayor Rob Ford,  on local CFRB 1010, discussing civic issues hosted by Rob Ford and his brother Doug Ford, first airing in 2012, would come to an abrupt end after a mutual agreement between the host station and the mayor after in the midst of Rob Ford and the Crack-Cocaine Scandal, a cancellation that had mixed reactions.

In reaction to the story, some posting comments such as “Too bad I was hooked immediately … I can’t believe it’s gone”,  others writing “This should never have existed”.

Since then he’s continually been featured on late night comedy shows including Jay Leno and John Stuart.

Soon after, on November 18, Ford launched a show on Sun News Network – Ford Nation.  But after it was reported on CBC vice-president Kory Teneycke said Ford Nation was the highest rated program ever on the channel, grabbing 155,000 viewers when it first aired, it was cancelled because of its cost, taking 5 hours to record and 8 to edit.

Today it was reported that Rob Ford has claimed to have been reported by everyone, from US and Canadian producers including Dr. Phil and Oprah about producing a reality show.

Instead the Ford brothers have announced that they’ve opted to switch to YouTube.  No date is set but the National Post reported they plan to release the premier before Christmas, the show will be an online series concentrating on the brothers “getting the message out” with occasional guests.  Doug Ford says “I want it to look professional, but simple … like Rob and I”, adding that both lovers and haters will follow it.

With the world watching Toronto’s Ford Fiasco, people are wondering, will it go viral?


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