Stephen Harper and Democracy

Rahman Mohamed
first published January 2013 in MacMedia, Volume 18, Issue 4

After a Conservative Prime Minister was elected by Canadians and began the democratic process in the Great White North 255 years ago, it seems that there’s finally another Conservative Prime Minister who has completed the Conservatives’ hidden agenda: end democracy in Canada.After proroguing Parliament, passing multiple omnibus budget bills, misleading the country about planes that cost billions, and somehow, employing robots to prevent Canadians from casting their vote, the Right Honourable Mr. Stephen Harper sits in Ottawa with a smile. A majority government was somehow elected a year ago.

One of the Ministers of State today is about Democratic Reform. The Honourable Mr. Tim Uppal is supposed to be leading the way to reforming the government – changing Canada’s voting system so that it’s more responsive, fair and effective (even though his party is using this system for vote splitting and will probably keep it so it’s easier to win another election) and modernizing the Senate to make it more accountable and democratic (even though right now the Senate has a Conservative Harper majority). Mr. Right Honourable Stephen Harper, stop harping on democracy and start listening to Canadians (even if the majority didn’t elect you).


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